Telangana Assembly Election : ‘I lose 2-3 kilos every day’, complains Modi on his Telangana trip

Telangana Assembly Election

‘I lose 2-3 kilos every day’, Complains Modi on his Telangana Trip

Assembly election in Telangana next year (Telangana Assembly Election). Before that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) went to that state and accused the Chief Minister KCR of corruption and nepotism. Although he did not mention the name of the Chief Minister of Telangana in the whole speech. His statement, What the state needs is a functioning government that cares about the people, not the family.Modi also lamented that he was insulted several kilos every day for speaking the right words.

On this day, Prime Minister Modi said that many people ask him why he is not tired even after hard work! Modi replied to them, “I don’t get tired, because 2-3 kilos are abused every day… By God’s blessings, that hensta works inside me.” “Modi, bully the BJP… but you will pay the price if you bully the people of Telangana,” saffron leaders warned the ruling party. Prime Minister Modi encouraged the Tengana BJP officials in his speech on this day. The Prime Minister forbade the ocher leaders to step into the trap of the opponents.

Modi also accused the state government of deliberately obstructing the Centre’s development projects. The Prime Minister also took a dig at KCR’s “superstition”. According to him, the Chief Minister of Telangana takes decisions based on superstitious beliefs about where the office will be, who will be chosen as minister etc. Which is a modern anti-social way of thinking. Modi ji has said, “Telangana is the information technology hub of India. But superstition is given importance in modern cities, which is very sad. If Telangana has to move forward, it has to come out of superstition first.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Congress has promised that the name of the Narendra Modi Stadium will be changed to Sardar Patel if it comes to power. Narendra Modi Stadium became the world’s largest cricket stadium a few days ago. Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium was named after this in February last year. On this day, Congress claimed that if they win the upcoming Gujarat election, the name of this stadium will be changed to Sardar Vallabhbhai Stadium.

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